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Meeting Summaries listed here with detail below. CTRL F for other words

15-Minute Interview

Taxes and Businesses are confusing. If they aren't sure where or what they need to do to get started just book a Set them up with a 15 Interview

​Current Bookkeeping
Client Meeting

  • Current client can schedule a 30 minute review of open items and key numbers with bookkeeper in January, April, July & October.

  • Some clients have upgraded packages that includes weekly or monthly strategy meetings.

  • If they are on the package that includes meetings, the will not be charged.

  • If they aren't they will automatically get an invoice sent for payment.

Comprehensive Consult

  • Deep Dive of your business, assets, estate and taxes. 

  • Review of prior year tax return.

  • Consultation with advisor up to 2 hour, including tax planning and how to apply the strategy.

  • Cost is $1,500

NEW Payroll Client

  • Setup payroll for businesses looking to pay others besides the owner. From payroll to workers comp reporting and audits. 

  • Can also pay vendors via Direct Deposit as well.

  • ​Start payroll as soon as 7 days after engagement is signed.

  • Setup 15 Minute Intake to review pricing (will review amount of employees, multiple locations, timekeeping, benefits, employee handbook, policy & procedures and more)

NEW Owner ONLY Payroll Client

  • Setup and maintain owner only payroll.

  • Start payroll as soon as 7 days after engagement is signed.

  • $75 per month


  • Ready to change your LLC to an S-Corp? We can get that completed and even get you started with payroll for owners.

ERC Employee Retention Credit

  • The employee retention credit is a is a refundable tax credit for businesses that continued to pay employees while shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic or had significant declines in gross receipts from March 13, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021

Quickbooks Online Deep Dive Strategy Session

  • We will do a diagnosis of your current QuickBooks Online account. Our specialist will go through all areas of your account and give you a thorough report.

  • Cost is $797

Upgrade Bookkeeping
or Payroll Plan

  • Bookkeeping Client wants to upgrade their currently plan to include more benefits

  • OR add payroll

Emergency Meeting - Current

  • There are not may emergencys in Taxes or Bookkeeping, but if this is an emergency we can fit you in between scheduled zooms.

  • Please be advised this will be with anyone in our office and will just be a very quick zoom 2 minutes to max 15 minutes if we have it, for us to find out the issue then address what we might be able to do to fix it quickly.

NEW Client Onboarding

  • Deep Dive of your business, assets, estate and taxes. 

  • Review of prior year tax return.

  • Consultation with advisor up to 1.5 hour, including tax planning and how to apply the strategy.

  • Cost is $1,500

Individual and/or Business Tax Planning & Returns

  • Virtual meeting to plan and prepare your tax return

  • We offer services for tax preparation, support, audit protect, notice assistance, extension payment estimates, video review links of your return, zoom reviews, look ahead strategizing and even a year-end tax consult (during 4th quarter)

  • 25 point checklist to try and save as much as possible in taxes.

  • Personal Tax Returns starting at $360 and Business Tax Returns starting at $1,100. Additional forms, transactions or bookkeeping can increase the cost.

    • This is a 15 zoom to go over anything new that has happened in the last year and to set expectations

      • All New Clients must do the Tax & Business Deep Dive Strategy Session before we can move forward with Tax Prep

      • That will include the Trifecta and meeting to strategize on tax planning

        • After the review they can decide if we are a good fit for them.

Paying Children & Family Members

  • We review what is best strategy for paying your family members. Setting up your accountable plan, how to pay them and more.

  • Cost $1,750

Snowball Debt Planning

  • We will review all debt you have. Make a plan to budget and start the snowball debt. Review ways to help get your credit score up. Start a savings plan.

  • Starting at $797

Mail Forwarding

  • Perfect for the on the go business owner or if you work from your home. Use our address on all documents. We recieve your mail, scan it and uplaod it to your portal. You get alerts as soon as it's uploaded.

Company Maintenance

  • Corporations and LLC's must maintain their entities by having their company maintenance done. We complete these for you get them to you for signature.

California Registered Agent

  • Working from home?

  • CA Requires you put your business address when registering online. Meaning anyone can search your business on the state site and find your address.

  • We can be the registered agent for you California business.

  • Our office address will show on the state's public information.

NEW Bookkeeping Agreement

  • Our bookkeeper will take care of the books for you. We will review, code and look for things out of the ordinary. Sending you monthly reports reviewing the patterns we see.

  • Hourly rates range from $150 - $350 per hour.

Blue = Bookkeeping or Payroll
Yellow = Tax Clients
Purple = Admin

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